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Upstate New York, 2003.

 An empty chair at a birthday meal.  Matt was the golden boy of the family – great job, gorgeous wife, fabulous home.  But then came 9/11 and suddenly there was no more Matt.

 As his family gather to mark his birthday the question slowly forms – was Matt’s lifestyle good enough to die for?

November 4 to 15, 2003
Theatre West, Bristol (UK)
Director – Pameli Benham
Connie – Felicity Russell
Ben – Richard Mark
Grandma – Pameli Benham
Martha – Meg Whelan Lyons

June 2003
Studio, Salisbury Playhouse, UK (rehearsed reading)
Director – Jay Villiers
Connie – Nicole Tongue
Ben – Philip Buck
Grandma – Polly March
Martha – Julia Savill